Tuesday, March 9, 2010

monday night 26/365

monday night, originally uploaded by wtfclem.

So I'm finally 21 haha. I found it pretty hard not to laugh a bit when the cashier asked for my id and I could give it to her with no hesitations. I had a great birthday with some amazing friends just hanging out. Thanks everyone that's been in my life so far to make me who I am today. Through all the ups and downs in the past, I suppose the only thing that matters is whats happening today and enjoying things for how they are--not how they were or will be. I've been pretty satisfied with whats come out from this perspective and think I'll stick with it.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes :]

♥ clem

p.s. CRAP, ALL I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, AGE-WISE, IS BECOMING A SENIOR CITIZEN! haha, just kidding... kindaaaaaa ;]

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