Friday, June 18, 2010

North Bali - Arrival

First is first, HELL YES GO LAKERS!!
Wow, what a long drive. Although the island is only 80km tall and 140km wide it took about 4 hours to go from south Bali to the North Western section of Pumeteran, which translates to twisty or to turn in Indonesian. With a few photo stops here and there, I really started appreciating the island of Bali more than I ever have although this would be my fifth time here. We passed a few of Bali's large inland lakes and was able to see the sunset on a bluff overlooking the lake and villages below. I really can't wait to post process and upload the pictures from this trip. After a long and pretty incredible drive, I'm finally at our hotel that can be best described as, well, down to earth yet aesthetically pleasing. It's an semi-open air villa with an outdoor shower and I fear that I will be consumed by mosquitos tonight. This possibly being my final post prior to catching malaria, I have to admit I am plagued by the bittersweet effects of homesickness. Although that's not to say I'm not enjoying my vacation, I can't say that I don't miss certain aspects and person(s).

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